Hail Damage Roof Repairs in the Greater Albuquerque Area

The greater Albuquerque, New Mexico region is no stranger to hail storms. Every summer hail is bound to hit, leaving pock marks on cars, siding and roofs. While hail damage may be cosmetic for some structures, for your roof it means significant repairs. Get the best quality and price for your hail damage repairs from Alex’s Roofing and General Construction, Ltd. Co.

Signs of Hail Damage

Sizeable hail can leave visible damage, such as:

  • Indentations or holes in shingles
  • Broken tiles
  • Dents on metal roof panels
  • Dents on pipes, ventilation grates, flashings or parapets

However, if you cannot see hail damage, that does not mean your roof did not sustain damage. Asphalt shingle roofs, especially, can mask damage. The impact of hail can loosen the adhesion between the asphalt and granules. Eventually, granules will get worn away by wind and rain, leaving the asphalt exposed to UV where it quickly deteriorates and leaves roof decking vulnerable to roof leaks and water damage.

Roof Repairs to Expect after Hail Damage

What roof repairs are needed to address hail damage depends on your roof system. The most common hail damage repair strategies include:


Roof System Type Expected Repair
Flat Seal parapets, replace flashing
Tile Replace broken tiles
Metal Repairs vary by severity of damage. Some metal roofs are still warrantied against leaks even after hail damage.
Asphalt shingles Roof replacement


Because hail damage is almost never isolated to a specific section, roof repairs are needed across the entire roof.

Superior Quality Roof Repairs

When hail damage necessitates roof repairs or replacement, choose the highest quality work with the best value. Alex’s Roofing offers the most competitive pricing, and we have the expertise with every roof system to do the job right. We back all our workmanship—repairs and replacement—with a warranty.

For a roof inspection following a hailstorm, contact us. We serve the entire north-central New Mexico region.

Contact Alex’s Roofing and General Construction, Ltd. Co. to repair your home or commercial roof damaged by hail.

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