Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Roof Installation

There are dozens of contractors in Albuquerque you may choose to complete the roof installation on your commercial facility, but not all of them offer the same quality of service. When you demand the highest quality workmanship and an excellent customer experience, choose Alex’s Roofing and General Construction, Ltd. Co.

Convenient Roof Installation

One way we set ourselves apart from our competitors is by providing the best customer experience possible. When it comes to commercial roof installation, that means we:

Help you stay open for business
To the greatest extent possible, Alex’s Roofing performs commercial roof installation without affecting your normal business operations. In the event that roof installation could present a safety risk for anyone on-site, we will let you know and work with you to complete installation as quickly as possible to minimize down time.

Minimize hazards and hassles for you, your employees and customers
Alex’s Roofing will block off areas as needed to keep everyone on-site safe, but we minimize our work area to keep parking lots, access routes and sidewalks clear.

Adhere to tight project timelines
Alex’s Roofing has several crews so that we can schedule your roof installation as soon as possible and finish quickly to get out of your way. The only thing that slows us down is severe weather, and if inclement weather interrupts your roof installation, we will always keep you posted.

To better fit your schedule, Alex’s Roofing may also work extended hours. Please talk to us if you need rush-installation (overtime rates may apply).

Safe Roof Installation

Alex’s Roofing minimizes your liability and risks associated with commercial roof installation by:

  • Clearing the site at the end of each work day to remove debris that can damage tires or cause personal injury hazards
  • Clearly marking off our work area with appropriate barriers and signage
  • Carrying adequate insurance to protect your property

Alex’s Roofing boasts an excellent safety record, too. We have had zero claims since 2011!

If you need a roof for new commercial construction or a replacement for an existing structure contact us.

Contact Alex’s Roofing and General Construction, Ltd. Co. for convenient and safe commercial roof installation in Albuquerque, New Mexico and beyond.

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