Warranty-Backed Roof Repairs in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Age, severe weather and a lapse in roof maintenance do not always mean you need an entirely new roof. Roof repairs may be all you need to restore the integrity of your residential or commercial roof. When you need quality roof repairs, you need Alex’s Roofing and General Construction, Ltd. Co.

What Roof Repairs Are Possible?

Alex’s Roofing can do a wide range of roof repairs, such as:

  • Replacing shingles or tiles
  • Replacing underlayment and/or roof decking to stop roof leaks
  • Sealing pipes, ventilation fixtures and seams
  • Replacing damaged flashing
  • Renailing loose metal panels (often the result of wind damage)
  • Repainting metal panels or trim to match unaffected areas
  • Rehanging gutters
  • Replacing damaged soffit and/or fascia

We take pride in offering affordable roofing services, so we make every effort to preserve your existing roof through quality repair work. We provide seasonal and  emergency roof repair service, too.

Roof Repairs You Can Trust

Every crew member at Alex’s Roofing is an experienced roofer, and all major repairs are overseen by our owner to ensure our workmanship meets our high standards for quality.

If Roof Repair Isn’t Good Enough

There are sometimes when roof repairs are not enough. Roof replacement may be the only or most cost-effective way to restore the integrity of your roof if:

  • You have hail damage
  • Your roof is 15 or more years old
  • The cost of repairs approaches 50% of the cost of replacement
  • The repair area covers 30% or more of the total roof

Alex’s Roofing conducts a thorough inspection before performing roof repairs. We will let you know if roof replacement offers a better value for your money. We provide written estimates for our work, and we are happy to help you understand the benefits of each roof system option.

To keep a solid roof over your head, contact Alex’s Roofing for quality repairs.


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