Roof Cleaning for Homes and Businesses in the Greater Albuquerque Area

As long as the roof over your head doesn’t leak, for many it’s out of sight, out of mind. But, to continue to be leak-free, your roof needs some seasonal care. Alex’s Roofing and General Construction, Ltd. Co. provides roof cleaning services to maintain proper drainage.

Why You Need Regular Roof Cleaning

One of your roof’s primary functions is to keep water out of your home or commercial facility. If drainage channels are clogged, the water must find another route, and that may cause erosion of masonry or water damage and staining on siding and stucco. In some cases, buildup of debris may lead to pooling that may seep into your roofing underlayment and into your home where it breeds mold and mildew growth.

Roof cleaning ensures that debris collected on your roof is removed from gutters and canales to prevent pooling, leaking and or other roofing issues. While you may do roof cleaning yourself, this may be a job best left to professionals at Alex’s Roofing because:

  • It can be dangerous, especially on a steeply pitched roof
  • We know how to spot signs of water damage or other types of roof deterioration

Routine cleaning is one type of preventative maintenance that can extend the useful life of your roof.

Signs You Need Roof Cleaning ASAP

The best times for roof cleaning are at the changes of seasons—in spring and fall. However, you may need roof cleaning sooner if you notice:

  • Water draining outside gutters or canales
  • Areas of erosion not caused by downspouts
  • See debris buildup in roof alleys or corners

Alex’s Roofing can usually schedule roof cleaning service within three business days.

Our Roof Cleaning Services

What your roof cleaning services entail depends on the type of roof system you have.

flatRoof1 Roof Cleaning for Homes and Businesses in the Greater Albuquerque Area
  • For pitched roofs, services focus on gutter cleaning and checking the condition of shingles, tiles or metal panels
  • For flat roofs, the entire roof likely needs thorough sweeping, canales cleared and seals checked

Most roof cleanings take less than a full day, so there is minimal disruption to you, your family or your customers.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for roof cleaning today. Please also inquire about a customized residential preventative maintenance or commercial maintenance plan.

Contact Alex’s Roofing and General Construction, Ltd. Co. for seasonal roof cleaning service at your home or commercial facility.

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